Types of Restaurant Furniture

Interior design is a big part of what forms the ambience of a restaurant. And an important part of interior design is your furniture design. The type of materials you choose and the finishes and colours that come with it can make a big difference to how your restaurant is perceived by a potential customer.

You need to know what kinds of furniture you are looking for in the restaurant. You can get an idea of the types of furniture available by checking JND outdoor hospitality furniture. First of all, think about the type of restaurant you have whether it is fine dining or a quick turnover restaurant when you select the type and style of furniture. Not having the right furniture can negatively impact your performance. For example, if you have cheap breakable furniture that will easily collapse when a patron sits on it, it is going to give a bad impression to the restaurant. The customers visiting the restaurant should be made comfortable and having to sit at a small table that is overwhelmed with chairs is not going to make for a comfortable dining experience. You need to choose flexible furniture that can easily be moved about so that you can easily accommodate a larger group by putting tables and chairs together. If you have very heavy furniture, this task will be made more difficult.

You need to choose restaurant tables and chairs that fit the theme of your restaurant.

Think about comfort when you choose them. For example, you need to choose chairs that come with a backrest and are tall enough to match the height of the table. It can become immediately noticeable if the chair is too short or too tall for the table and vice versa. This can create a lot of discomfort for the customer. You need to have the table and chairs match each other whether in colour, material or texture. And they have to be proportionally sized. You also need to choose materials that are easier to use and can lead to fewer accidents. For example, it is best to steer clear of glass tables. And choosing plastic chairs may not be the right choice for everyone.

You should have tables of a few different sizes for the service

So that you can accommodate different groups. Common table shapes you will come across are circular, square and rectangular. There has to be sufficient space on the table to keep the food as well as individual space for dining. Think of how the legs of the table are placed and if it obstructs people when putting two tables together. You will also need to get some rectangular tables if you have a buffet in your restaurant. These tables need to be of sturdy construction so that they can hold multiple trays of food. And it is best if they have more than 4 legs to improve stability. High benches for the bar along with bar stools are also important. If your bar doubles as a waiting area, it is important to select stools that are a little more comfortable.

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