The Pros & Cons of Painting with Acrylics

Knowing more about this paint will help you decide whether you want to try it, whether you want to expand and diversify what you already use or want to find a paint that is best for a novice artist to use. Compared to watercolours and oil paints, acrylic is a relatively new discovery in the realm of art. It has captivated the art world thanks to its adaptability, vibrancy, and stability. 

If you are doing your research about whether you should try and use this medium, here are its advantages and disadvantages.


Acrylic is dilutable with water

Acrylic dissolves in water because it is a water-based paint. It is simpler to dilute and will not require any turpentine or oil to dilute. With this, it is also considerably simpler to clean up after a painting session. Without the need to use any unpleasant chemicals, you can just soak your brushes and wash your hands with normal tap water.

Acrylic is chemical free

Since it is mostly water based, acrylic is also chemical free and odour free. This means that poisonous compounds won’t be absorbed through the skin or contaminate the water or land when they are disposed. However, you still need to dispose of paint carefully even if you are using acrylic. Be more conscious of the environment.

Acrylic is versatile

Another advantage to using acrylic is that it is versatile and the end product may sometimes resemble an oil painting or a watercolour depending on how much the paint is diluted with water. So even if you are still trying to figure out whether acrylic is the medium to go and you still prefer watercolour or oil, you would not need to choose since you could make the end result look like both.

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Acrylic dries quickly

This could actually both be an advantage and a disadvantage to using acrylic. In typical circumstances, acrylic remains usable for the duration of a session, but temperature and environment do have an impact. However, dried paint can still be painted over to entirely change the artwork. So, if this is your end goal, better, but if not, you have to be careful since dried paint can be painted over to entirely change the artwork.

Brushes and other tools that are used to paint using acrylic must also be cleaned right away and frequently without letting the paint dry up since it will be harder to clean. Compared to brushes, pallet knives are easier to clean although trying to make them look like before is time consuming.

Acrylic is hard to remove from absorbent surfaces

When using acrylic, it will be difficult to remove and clean them once they splatter on absorbent materials such as garments or carpets.

Acrylic has a lot of different uses and a finished acrylic painting may resemble a painting painted using a different medium depending on how diluted the acrylic is which makes it versatile.

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