Kitchen Things – A Helpful Insight on Pantry Storage

Whether you’ve recently move into a house for rent or a house of your own, your kitchen deserves equal care and attention in terms of keeping it neat and organized. A well-organized kitchen can help you access items easily when in need. The key to an organized kitchen is making most of the available space with storage items that are proven to be highly beneficial. Keep reading to have a better idea on how to perfect your pantry storage system.

The best materials for your storage systems

Making sure each ingredient is placed in containers of suitable materials is important. Here are the three main materials you’ll find when it comes to storage systems.

Plastic – Plastic containers are budget friendly and are one of the go-to storage material choice amongst many. While some plastic containers are transparent, some can be translucent. Therefore, it is important to choose the type according to your need.

Glass – Glass containers are always see-through and can help you easily identify the ingredient you’re looking for. However, due to being easily breakable they can be nerve wrecking to handle. They are considered to be healthier than plastic though. 

Metal – When it comes to metal, enamel and stainless steel are the most common choice of storage material. Metal containers can be both light and airtight. However, they’re opaque and needs labelling to make identifying the item within easier.

Must have storage containers

Glass Canisters – glass canisters are the best form of storage when it comes to storing dried good such as lentils, pasta, rice, etc. They often come with wooden lids that help make the container airtight.

Pop Container Set – Much like the glass canisters itself, a pop container set can also help keep store your dry ingredients while keeping it airtight and secure. They’re convenient to store in your pantry.

Wire Baskets – When it comes to storing things that won’t fit into containers, wire baskets are the way to go. Not only are they cute, affordable and aesthetic looking, but they also prove to be useful in holding items such as fruits and vegetables.

Condiment Bottles – from purchasing the best olive oil pourer to every other condiment ingredient, glass condiment bottles are the right way to go. It makes the ingredients easily accessible in the midst of cooking.

Some of the other storage containers and systems include lazy Susan turntable, cereal storage sets, tea bag organizer and even storage bins.

Tips to keep in mind when storing items

Organized or not make sure you have all the necessary measures to keep the nosy little bug at bay. This way you won’t find a sneaky cockroach crawling up your pantry!

Humidity can be a real problem if your containers aren’t well sealed and airtight. Therefore, make sure your storage containers seal the necessary ingredients well enough.

Making use of labels can help you easily identify the ingredients while also heightening the organized look of your kitchen pantry.

A beautiful kitchen can be easy to work in! So let us know if this was helpful.

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