How to Maximise Space in a Small Kitchen

A common complaint that homeowners have is that their house is too small and this is mainly regarding the kitchen. Many renovations include kitchen expansions. But if you are in a small apartment or small house where it is impossible to extend the space, there are other ways that you can create space.

If you feel like the kitchen is outdated and does not function properly, you can contact Kitchen design Mornington Peninsula to start a kitchen renovation project. You need to let the kitchen renovator know about your requirements for the new kitchen, why you are planning a renovation, the timeline allocated for the renovation and the budget that can be allocated for this purpose. There are many storage units that you can purchase to increase vertical storage space. There are kitchen utensils and knife racks that you can hang on the walls to use the vertical space in the kitchen. Most of the time, these vertical spaces such as the backsplash for the kitchen counters are not properly utilized. Another space that goes unused is the small narrow space between the wall and the fridge. You may think that nothing can fit in this tiny space but there are thin pull outs that you can install in this space to store bottles and other small items.

It is best to use multipurpose kitchen furniture such as a dining table that can be folded. You can use this as extra counter space as well as dining space. When you feel like the kitchen working space is cramped, you can simply fold away the table and tuck it in a corner. Kitchen islands are great for kitchens that have a little bit more space than a narrow area. This can double as a preparation area, cooking area and dining area. You can also create storage underneath the kitchen island using cabinetry. You may have seen the toe gaps that are used for the base of the cupboards when they meet the floor. This is a space that has a good three to four inches of height. Instead of covering it with a board and wasting the space, you can have short drawers take up that space that you can access by kicking the side panel at the bottom. This is a great space to store cutting boards and other items that don’t have a lot of height.

If you don’t have the space for a kitchen island, you can create additional counter space by having a cutting board that perfectly fits into the sink and creates additional space for you to prepare food. You can also use this to rinse vegetables and fruits before you cut them. You can also create more storage for rarely used items by having a cupboard or a nook in your utility room or a nearby room. There are corner shelving units that are created to maximize space. You can also have the kitchen overhead cupboards extend to the ceiling so that you can store rarely used items such as large pans, equipment, tools etc.

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