Different Styles of Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are those lighting fixtures that are attached to the ceiling and are hanging on a rod, chain, or any suspension material. They are popular among many homes because they are versatile when it comes to design.

You can also place it at any spot in your home that needs a more focused source of light. Aside from being a light source, pendant lights also add a decorative touch to your home. Unlike regular lights that looks plain and maybe boring, a pendant light can add a more interesting detail to your space.

There are actually different types of pendant lights to choose from depending on the style you’re aiming for. Get yourself familiar with the different types of pendant lights with this simple guide.

Bowl Pendant

This is the most common design of pendant lights. It looks like a hanging light with a bowl-shaped shade around it. This kind of design helps focus the light downward than other directions. A bowl pendant light is perfect to be placed on spots that need more concentrated lighting such as kitchen islands, vanity area, and other similar spaces. Since bowl pendants are really common, you can surely find one that suits your style whether it is modern, vintage, industrial pendants, and other more styles.

Drum Pendant

A drum pendant has a cylindrical shaped shade that is made from cloth or other material. Drum pendant lights look perfect when hanged lower especially big ones. You can also use it as either a task or ambient light since the light intensity can be adjusted depending whether the shade is open or closed.

Exposed Bulb Pendant

The exposed bulb pendant is probably the simplest design of them all, making it perfect for minimalist styled homes. It looks like a plain bulb that is hanging on a rod and doesn’t have any shade around it. Exposed bulb pendant gives off stronger light because the shade is absent, making it perfect for either task or ambient lighting.

Globe Pendant

As the name suggests, globe pendant lights have a light bulb that is placed inside a globe or a sphere. It is popular many decades ago and adds a bold statement in your home décor. Hanging several globe pendants together is a stylish way to install these beautiful pendant light. You could also hang them on different lengths to add more variety and interest to your lighting.

Mini Pendant

Mini pendants are smaller versions of the regular pendant light. Since they give off a small amount of focused light, mini pendants work a lot better when installed in multiples. When hung lower, mini pendants work great as a task lighting but when placed overhead in a cluster or line, they do perfectly as an ambient light.

Now that you already have an idea on the different kinds of pendant lights, you can easily choose the right one that suits your home décor. If you’re looking for an upgrade for your home lighting, you can never go wrong with pendant lights.

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