Choosing the Right Fabric for Outdoor Cushions

If you are planning to get some new outdoor cushions, choosing the fabric is a very important consideration. There are online stores where you can purchase outdoor cushions so that you don’t need to buy material and have it sewn by a professional. You will be able to get the quality and finish of a professional without much hassle as the cushions can be delivered to your doorstep after you select them.

You have to know which materials are best for green outdoor cushions when you start your shopping. There is a variety of materials available with their own pros and cons. But you have to consider your geographical location when you choose the fabric type. Some of the characteristics you will be looking for are durability, resistance to weather and easy maintenance. Olefin is a popular material selected for weatherproof cushions as it is made from plastic. It is very easy to clean and it will be resistant to stains. So you don’t have to worryabout using this fabric in a lounge or dining chair outdoors as the stains will not stick to the fabric. Most of the olefin fabric you come across will be coated with a wax finish making it resistant to water and mould. However, if this is not blended with another fabric like acrylic, there is a tendency for olefin to fade due to sun exposure. This is also a heavy fabric so it may not be the most comfortable out of all the options available.

Vinyl is another plastic based fabric and its texture allows for easy cleaning. All you need to do is wipe the surface with a damp cloth and it will be back to its original finish. It is extremely resistant to water and has a resistance to fading when exposed to solar radiation. However, this material gets quite hot and sticky when exposed to the sun for some time so you will not be very comfortable sitting on it. And if you start to sweat, the sweat will pool on the fabric. Polyester can be used for outdoor cushions as it is a synthetic fabric. It is resistant to stains and has high durability. It also comes with a lot of comfort and you will not feel any different even if you are sitting on it sweaty and hot from the sun. But sun exposure can cause it to fade so you will need to use a fabric protectant with it.

Acrylic is resistant to dampness and mildew. It will retain its colour even when exposed to sunlight for a long time and you can use it in so many outdoor applications. The plastic fibres that make up the acrylic fabric contribute to its durability. Acrylic tends to stain easily so it should not be used in outdoor dining areas. It is also an expensive fabric. Duck cloth is very durable. Even though it can be quite stiff in the beginning, over time, it can become more comfortable. But as this is made of cotton, it can fade on sunlight. It will also absorb moisture contributing to mildew.

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