Child Safety and Pool Fencing

Your summer will be more enjoyable and colourful with the addition of a swimming pool. But when you install a pool, you have to consider the safety implications of it. Both pets and children are vulnerable to the dangers posed by a swimming pool or water. You need to ensure that they are not able to enter the pool area using effective fencing.

You have to understand the risks of backyard swimming pools when it comes to children.

Drowning is a leading cause of death for children under five years old. And if you have a backyard pool, you have to prevent children from accessing it without your supervision. It will only take a moment for you to lose sight of your child and they can find themselves in unsafe situations in a surprisingly short amount of time. You need to therefore have effective safety measures in place so that a tragic accident can be prevented. Mona vale fencing will restrict access to the pool area so that the risk of drowning incidents can be reduced. This will create a barrier between the pool and the area surrounding it. Fencing is actually a deterrent so that unsupervised access can be prevented. Parents will have peace of mind when they have effective fencing installed. Also, some other risks that are mitigated by pool fencing are accidental falls or injuries.

There are some considerations

When selecting the right pool fence to ensure the safety of your child. The height and spacing have an important role to play as it will prevent children from climbing over. Generally, it has to be at least four feet high. There will be certain regulations you need to follow when it comes to your location so you need to check these as well before building a pool fence. You also need to consider the spacing between the horizontal or vertical bars of the pool fence. The space should be narrow enough that a child cannot squeeze through. A critical component of the pool fence is the gate where you will gain access to the pool area. You need to have self-latching or self-closing mechanisms for the gate so that they will remain closed all the time even when the pool is not in use.

Visibility is an important factor

And it is important to have a clear line of sight into your pool area. You can select transparent materials such as glass for the pool fence so that you will have an unobstructed view of the pool area while still having a barrier. As pool fencing will be exposed to the elements throughout the year, you need to select a durable material that needs minimal maintenance. Some of the materials you can look for are vinyl, glass and aluminium as they have increased durability and make it easier for you to maintain the fence as well. Make sure that you check the local regulations when it comes to pool safety as you will need to build thepool fence according the requirements specified by these. It will be in regard to the height of the fence, safety features and gate operation.

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